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Stress Policy Statement

T Lott Ltd recognises that workplace stress is a health & safety issue and acknowledges the
importance of identifying and reducing workplace stress.

The Directors are responsible for implementing the Managing Stress Policy and the company is
responsible for providing the necessary resources.

The company will refer the individual to their GP and/or provide confidential counselling for staff
affected by stress caused by work or external factors.

The company will provide adequate resources to enable managers to implement the Company's
agreed stress management strategy and good management practices.

The company will provide training for all managers and supervisory staff in good management

The company will identify all workplace stresses and conduct risk assessments to eliminate
stress or control the risks from stress. These risk assessments will be regularly reviewed.

Role of the Company / Responsibilities
The company will oversee monitoring of the efficiency of the policy and other measures to
reduce stress and promote workplace health and safety.

Provide specialist advice and awareness training on stress.

Train and support managers in implementing the stress management policy.

Support individuals who have been off sick with stress and advice them and their management
on a planned return to work.

Monitor and review the effectiveness of measures to reduce stress.

Monitor and review any changes and developments in the field of stress at work.

Managers will implement the Company policy on stress and control the risks from stress within
their remit.

Ensure good communication between management and staff, particularly where there are
organisational and procedural changes.
Ensure staff are fully trained to perform their duties.

Monitor workloads to ensure that people are not overloaded.

Monitor working hours and patterns to ensure staff are not overworking.

Monitor holidays to ensure staff are taking their full entitlement.

Attending training as requested in good management practice and health and safety.

Ensure that bullying and harassment is not tolerated within their areas of responsibility.

Be vigilant and offer additional support to a member of staff who is experiencing stress whatever
the source.

Signed on behalf of T Lott Ltd.

Tommy Lott

Managing Director

28th June 2023

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