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Office Restoration 

We at T Lott Ltd are especially proud of our new office. Before we made the move in 2017, we acquired an old English teaching school for foreign exchange students and the building was near derelict. The energy efficiency rating for the building was also at a G.

Following the council granting the change of use to an office; we commenced our works on improving the efficiency of the office. We did this by using our knowledge and supply chain including an insulated render system from Knauf. Along with more efficient and green plant such as; a split air conditioning system and efficient boiler, LED lighting and exceeding A++ rated glass. Upon completion of the works we were particularly proud to have achieved a new Energy Performance Certificate rating of a B.

The ground floor is made up of three rooms (Accounts, Surveyor's & Contracts Managers and Estimating) which are divided by glass partitions. On the first floor we have our state of the art meeting room, where there's mood lighting and a recessed bulkhead feature in the center of the room. 

There are still a few areas that we need to complete, however we are very proud at what we have done so far.

Office Restoration: About
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