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We are not limited to specialising in just one type of Screed. The most common type is the traditional Sand & Cement Screed which is made up of a base layer of insulation with separating VCL Membrane with the Screed laid on top. We also have a lot of experience in working around underfloor heating companies and their products to give our clients the best possible service. 

We specialise in Liquid Screed which requires a heavy amount of preparation in order to get the best results. We usually use Tarmac Topflow Screed and Gyvlon Eco Screed but have been known to use others, depending on what the client requires. 

We provide quick dry additives to the screed like the 4/8 Day Overlay from Ronacrete. This quick dry product can allow the screed to be worked off from as little as three days which could be seen as a fundamental advantage to getting our projects handed over on time.  

We also use other types of Screed like Grano Screed and also Resin floor solutions. 

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