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Quality Policy Statement

Founded over 20 years ago, T Lott Limited provides plastering, drylining, render and structural steel framing services to both residential customers including flats, houses, student accommodations or care homes and commercial customers including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and universities..

As a responsible company we will conduct our business with integrity, and as such we are committed to good professional practice and to the quality of our monitoring, inspection and testing of our services. We believe that in every aspect, quality is critical to business success, and that for everybody, in everything they do, quality is integral.

This policy sets out how we will achieve the high standards of quality that customers and other stakeholders expect from T Lott Limited. It applies to all employees and any subcontracted businesses that perform services on our behalf.

Our Quality Policy and associated systems depend on having the right resources, infrastructure, processes and procedures in place. Our staff must be competent to do their jobs and that means having the appropriate information, instruction, training, skills and experience. The work they carry out must be evaluated, not only to ensure their competency but also to make sure that they are aware of the relevance and importance of their roles, and how they contribute to achieving our objectives.

We shall endeavour to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and the services we provide and exceed their expectations. This shall be achieved through the setting, monitoring, review and update of HSQE Objectives and Targets and their alignment with this policy and business objectives. Annual Quality objectives shall be established by the organisation, to allow for the constant enhancement of our operations.

Monitoring and measuring our performance helps us understand how well we are meeting our objectives. We also evaluate our compliance to legal and other requirements. We will seek to implement a more formal system of monitoring and measuring our performance in the future.

By setting objectives we can drive continual improvement in our services. We also regularly review the ways in which we work, to identify opportunities for improvement and sustain the success of our organisation.

The content of this policy shall be communicated to staff during the mandatory company Induction, where all those carrying out work on behalf of T Lott Ltd. shall be required to confirm their understanding of the contents of this policy.

Our commitment will be based upon:

  • Determining and meeting the requirements of our customers.

  • Setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives, and ensuring those objectives are met.

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the quality policy and assessing opportunities for its continual improvement.

  • Providing the necessary resources and training to ensure that our commitments and objectives are met.

  • Involving personnel at all levels of the company in the implementation of the Quality Policy and associated systems.

The Managing Director is responsible for reviewing the quality policy and associated systems at regular intervals not exceeding 12 months.

Signed on behalf of T Lott Ltd.

Tommy Lott

Managing Director 

28th June 2023

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