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Health and Safety Policy

T Lott Ltd will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of:

  • All its directly-employed workers;

  • Those employed by other contractors on all workplaces controlled by T Lott Ltd; and

  • Anyone else who may be affected by their works.


T Lott Ltd will comply with all of its legal duties in order to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and will take positive action to ensure that our works do not affect other contractors, occupiers of buildings, or the public.

The company will co-operate and co-ordinate with all those with an interest in health and safety, other employers, clients, designers, sub-contractors, and the enforcing authorities.

The company will provide sufficient financial support and other necessary resources to ensure the full implementation of the policy.

The company will ensure that all persons are competent to carry out the duties asked of them, and will provide all information, instruction, supervision and necessary training.

We are committed to the continuous improvement in our health and safety performance.

The company will ensure that all employees are consulted on matters of health and safety and will encourage positive employee participation through an ‘open door’ policy of communication.

This policy will be kept up to date and will be amended to suit any changes in the size or nature of the company’s activities and relevant legislation. In support of this intent the policy will be reviewed at least annually and the results included in the annual Management Review process.

We have appointed Tommy Lott, Managing Director, as responsible for health, safety and welfare matters.

To provide the company with additional assistance in health and safety matters, we will utilise the services of Lincsafe (Health & Safety) Ltd if and when necessary.

The employees and managers shall share full delegated duties to ensure this policy is implemented across all company activities.


Signed on behalf of T Lott Ltd.

Tommy Lott

Managing Director 

28th June 2023

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