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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

T Lott Ltd adopts a proactive approach to protect and enhance the local and global environment and continuously improve the management of sustainability issues. We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental legislation and all other requirements to which the organisation subscribes such as the Finishes & Interior Sector standards for sustainable performance.

This policy applies to all persons working for or on behalf of T Lott Ltd and all of its activities, both internally and externally. To achieve this, we shall:

  • Provide resources in the way of a Management Structure to identify all environmental issues relevant to T Lott Ltd’s work;

  • Plan the most appropriate procedure to address each identified issue and implement the agreed measures throughout all company work locations;

  • Ensure a high level of awareness of sustainability issues exists amongst all persons working for or on behalf of the company, including the awareness of this Sustainability Policy;

  • Take steps towards improving the sustainability of activities which are identified as having a significant environmental impact and set targets for improvements;

  • Endeavour to prevent environmental pollution from our work offices and activities;

  • Consider sustainability issues when purchasing products and services;

  • Minimise the amount of waste disposed of to landfill by reducing and recycling waste produced by the company;

  • Promote, educate and enlighten third parties who we come into contact with, such as schools, communities and business with the importance of sustainability

  • Communicate the contents of this Policy to all employees and others who may be affected by our environmental aspects and impacts;

  • Review the Environmental and Sustainability Policy and associated objectives at least annually.


It is the company’s policy to preserve the environment to the best of our ability and in accordance with current legislation. We shall complete operations with the minimum of disturbance to wildlife, vegetation and neighbouring communities.

In addition, T Lott Ltd will continue to develop an environmental approach to the management of the Company, recognizing that efficient management of energy and resources in materials cuts cost and creates competitive advantages.

This Policy will be communicated to all employees and labour only sub-contractors during their initial company induction and subsequent safety briefings.

Signed on behalf of T Lott Ltd.

Tommy Lott

Managing Director

28th June 2023

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