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2015 Charity Golf Day in aid of Harefield Hospital

In 2015, we embarked on our second Charity Event at The Shire London, this time we decided to raise money for Harefield Hospital. Our decision to change charities for this event was due to the director, Patrick Lott, being admitted to Harefield Hospital having suffered Heart failure. Thankfully, due to Harefield's amazing work, Patrick made a full recovery and was able to enjoy this Golf Day in full! We were so grateful to all the staff at the hospital we decided to make them our company charity and we were delighted to of raised more than £14,000, which was over £2,000 more than our first Golf Day!

Our second day had many similarities to the first, 72 Golfers and well over 100 people dancing the night away! A sequel always has to be bigger, louder and more money raised, so with this in mind we organised higher value prizes, auction's and also improved raffle prizes. Again, without the kind generosity of our supply chain, we wouldn't of been able to achieve this. 

2015 Charity Day: About
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